Family Fantasy Short Film – “All the Marbles”

In a magical world where marbles are as precious as gold, a boy named Jamison wins the most cherished marble of them all.  When a villainous bully named Wolf cruelly snatches his prize trophy, the boy challenges him to an epic marble battle that could cost him much more than he expected.

“All the Marbles” has been a true passion project. A majority of our budget was raised through crowd funding and out of pocket. Producer, Carl Petersen wrote the first draft of this wonderful short story. He captured the innocence of every child’s love for marbles, while embracing the spooky fears we all had as kids. Director, Michael Swingler breathed life into the material by creating this imaginative and unforgettable world with fun and scary elements, but written in rhymes like a storybook. Our goal was to create a compelling tale with stunning visuals and masterful storytelling for the child in all of us. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks to our win at Dances with Films, we are now an Oscar qualifier for the Academy Awards!


Dances with Films Red Carpet short film

Film Review: “All the Marbles” Looks for an Oscar

All the Marbles, a film I briefly reviewed earlier this year when it screened at Dances With Films, is in the running to be nominated in the Academy Awards short film category. This film that has so much going for it, it’s a shame there are not a full slate of Academy Awards for short films. It would be in contention for all of them. The writing is perfect and delivers a surprise twist at the end. The acting is charming and just over-the-top enough for the fantasy genre. The technical work is superb on many levels.

I’m not alone in my praise of this film. All the Marbles has now screened in 24 film festivals including Cannes, and won 7 major awards. To find out when and where you can see it, check their websiteFacebook page or Twitter feed. Everyone should enjoy this film, and, if you are a filmmaker, be prepared to take notes. READ MORE…

Carl Petersen

Local & international film critics lose their marbles, in a good way, over Lute’s live-action short film

In a lively yet ominous steampunk world, a boy and a bully clash in the classic struggle of good and evil. The stakes: bravery and freedom. The battle: a simple game of marbles. Such is the world depicted in a short film by Carl Petersen ’04, titled “All the Marbles,” a motion picture gaining recognition both at home and abroad. The film, written and produced by Petersen, screened at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival in France, and potentially is on its way to earning an Academy Award nomination for the 2018 Oscars. READ MORE…

All the Marbles fantasy children's film

Dances with Films: See My Shorts

The film begins with a classic leather-bound storybook opening and you are drawn into a fantasy world where marbles are the most valuable thing in the world. The narration and all the dialog are all in verse. The story involves a young boy, Jamison, played by Cole Sand (Austin & Ally, Trollhunters), who has won the greatest marble of them all. A villainous bully named Wolf, played by Carl Petersen, who also helped write the story, steals the marble and Jamison must face him in a match for all the marbles.

Director/co-writer Michael Swingler gets colorful and memorable performances from what may be the largest cast ever for a 17-minute film. The costumes and make-up are worthy of a full-scale Hollywood blockbuster. Petersen makes a great villain, drawing on his Shakespearean and Upright Citizens Brigade background. READ MORE…

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‘All the Marbles’ Comes to The Grand Cinema

Pacific Lutheran University graduate and Tacoma resident Carl Petersen turned a passion project into an award-winning short film that could make it’s way to the 2018 Oscars. All the Marbles, a live-action short film that garnered the attention of 24 film festivals and received seven major awards. Petersen wrote, produced, and acted in the film, and it was directed by Michael Swingler. The fictitious plot takes place in a steampunk world where marbles are “as precious as gold,” and a young underdog, Jamison, battles a villainous bully named Wolf, played by Petersen, to win back his most precious marble.
The family-friendly film is centered around anti-bullying and standing up for what’s right, but Petersen also wanted to pay homage to the game of marbles he and his siblings played when they were young. READ MORE…

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